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Consultation Services

Our team of experienced staff can assist with meeting your needs. Phoenix Service Corporation consults with qualified and licensed professionals.

Case Management

Our staff can provide case management services and assist those we serve make informed decisions about the care they receive. We aspire to find the best, most efficient way of meeting the needs with the available resources.

Dietician Consulting

Our registered dietitians provide a variety of nutrition related services such as menu planning, review of nutritional plans, and healthy eating education. Our staff has a commitment to quality and practical implementation of nutrition into the lives of the people we serve.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy uses music as a co-therapist to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. Our team of certified music therapists can provide services within your location of choice or at the therapist’s location.

Nurse Consulting

Our team of licensed RN and LPN nurses provides professional nursing services to our clients. Services include overseeing the well-being of those we serve, attend medical appointments as needed, medication management, and acting as a liaison with family members, doctors, and other medical specialists.